Hilltop’s SEnior Daybreak

Enrolling in Senior Daybreak is easy and affordable

Participants can attend Senior Daybreak on a set weekly schedule or on an occasional basis. Participants can also attend for the whole day or just a portion of the day. Participants must be enrolled to attend.


Senior Daybreak is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in Grand Junction, CO. Participants can attend on a set weekly or flexible scehdule that meets your needs. Participants must be enrolled to attend and can come for the whole day or just a portion.


Medicaid Participants: Fees are paid in full for those who have qualified for Medicaid.
Veterans: Fees paid in full for veterans or small co-pay.
Private Pay: Affordable fees starting at $58.50 for 1/2 day or $117 for a full day.
Transportation: Provided to and from our location within a 15 mile radius, based on availability, for an additional fee.


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